DataVizion provides quality and gives creative solutions to clients seeking anything from a simple yet elegant web presence, to the most complex web based business ventures. We provide our clients with solutions based on their needs, and for those involved in online business what is required for optimal security.

Our primary areas of expertise in web development are: HTML, DHTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net ASP.Net VMC, Cold Fusion, Java Script, Elasticsearch, HTML 5, CSS, CSS 3, SQL, MS SQL, and MySQL. However, our skills and capabilities are not limited to just the listed areas. If what you need is not listed please contact us. Our capabilities grow daily.

Content management systems (CMS) and database development technologies have grown over the years and our skills have grown to match. One of the most popular demands by our clients is to have control over the content of their websites. Through years of research and development we have streamlined and developed the solution to this demand. Our customized content management systems are above all user friendly and highly secure, as well as efficient to save business owners’ time and money when having to make website updates.

Our Credentials

Designer Credentials

All have earned a B.F.A. in Art Communication & Design or an equivalency or higher.

Programmer Credentials

All have earned a B.S. in Computer Science or an equivalency or higher.

Our Corporate Philosophy
We, Datavizion are aiming to be a business group that is always on the cutting edge of providing our clients with valuable tools for the web that meet their needs in a secure efficient manner. We are service minded. We wish to provide our clients with a superior product. It is our goal to continually upgrade our skill-sets and create the most user-friendly, secure, and cost efficient content management systems and websites. Before beginning a project we listen to the needs of our clients and determine the most efficient way to meet this need. It is our wish and goal to take our clients to the next level of web development.
We strive to maximize our customers’ satisfaction by providing them with the highest level of web and application based products and services.
We seek to achieve goals without worrying about failure. We are challenged every day to make, create and innovate in order to provide our customers with the tools and web presence they desire.
We are aware that changes are occurring to the web on a daily basis. As a result our customers’ needs for the web are also changing daily. We strive to remain sensitive to the changes and respond flexibly to them. We endeavor to keep our skills and security measures up to date.
Our Policies
Our actions are taken with dignity and consciousness; complying with laws and ethics is the first step. We recognizing that even a tiny error may have an adverse effect on our group, we will strive to conduct our business faithfully and adhere to all licensing laws and copy right notices.
Failure to pay will result in the removal of the product or products delivered and a notice of failure to pay will be posted in place of the product or products.
We make all products to our clients specification. All updates and/or changes to a project will result in a new quote and/or proposal being generated.
DataVizion respects the privacy of our clients & the confidentiality of their ideas.

We do not divulge the names and details of our clients or their ideas or nature of their general consultations.
We seek permission from our clients before listing them as clients in a public manner. We often have clients who wish to remain anonymous, the identity of these clients is never revealed to any one outside of our company. We take every measure to maintain the privacy of confidential relationships. Often we work with proprietary “ideas” and respect the sensitive nature of these applications and software solutions. A nondisclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement (PIA), or secrecy agreement are welcome and in some cases encouraged.

We do reserve the right to maintain our source code libraries as proprietary and nontransferable unless previous financial arrangements have been made with the client.