Phone Support

Skype Support

How would my web project begin with DataVizion?
It would begin with your formally accepting a price quote from us. The quote is based on the information that you supply concerning your website requirements.
Can I suddenly make changes to my website or design?
You can but it will generate a new quote and a new invoice that will have to be paid if the changes occur after the design and quote have been approved.
What payment terms do offer?
Maintenance and retainer work is billed monthly and is due by the 15th of the month.

Single contracted jobs are half down and half upon delivery.

What kind of emergency training do you offer?
We primarily offer training over Skype. It gives us the ability to share our screen with our clients no matter where they are. They will be able to see, hear and ask questions in the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Secondarily we offer over the phone training for those who are nearly proficient with the products they are using.

I have an emergency... can you help?
Yes. We can design at a rapid pace and develop quickly as well. We can also work on your website problems as well.
Can you help us with our pre-existing website?
Yes, we do this on a daily basis. We can modernize it if the framework allows it.
What kind of mail server do you offer?
We currently offer two different mail server types. We primarily offer MailEnable Professional due to its business tools but we do offer Horde to those who prefer the old fashioned user interface.
Do you write user manuals for clients who need them?
Yes, this is very common; we know there is a need for reference materials. The manuals can be written upon request.